Griffin Media Announces New President

Griffin Media Announces New President

Tuesday, August 1st 2023, 1:09 pm

By: Griffin Media

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. Wade Deaver to succeed Rob Krier as President of Griffin Media 

Griffin Media, an Oklahoma-owned and operated multimedia company dedicated to keeping Oklahomans safe, informed, and entertained, announced today a transition in its executive leadership. After 48 years of service to Griffin Media, President Rob Krier is retiring and moving to a newly created position of president emeritus. Wade Deaver, the current vice president of sales who joined the company 25 years ago will succeed Krier as president of Griffin Media, effective Oct. 1, 2023. 

“All of us here at Griffin Media are excited to welcome Wade Deaver as our new president,” said David F. Griffin, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Griffin Media. “Wade has been an integral member of the Griffin Media family for 25 years, and we look forward to seeing how his impressive leadership skills and expansive experience will further Griffin Media’s impact as he steps into his new role.” 

Wade Deaver, who has served as Griffin Media’s vice president of sales since 1998, is set to succeed Rob Krier as president of Griffin Media on Oct. 1, 2023. An accomplished, passionate, and innovative leader who embodies the core values of Griffin Media, Deaver was a natural pick for the position. 

“I am honored and humbled to be named the next president of Griffin Media,” said Deaver. “It is a privilege to take the helm of this transformative, impactful family-owned and managed company. I am thankful to Rob for his decades of remarkable leadership and will honor his legacy by further positioning and advancing Griffin Media as Oklahoma’s premier media company and preserving the organization’s family-centric and people-first culture.” 

Over his 48 years at Griffin Media, Rob Krier has made an incredible impact on the organization. He has played a pivotal role in successfully creating the long-term value of News 9 and the company, including spearheading various initiatives to distribute content across multiple platforms. Additionally, his boundless and infectious energy, dedication to storytelling through news and transformational leadership skills have played a significant role in positioning Griffin Media as the state’s premier media company, earning respect of our peers across the country for innovation and stability. 

“Serving Griffin Media for nearly five decades has been one of the greatest honors of my life,” said Krier. “Griffin Media plays a unique, prominent, and critical role in our state’s media landscape, and I have no doubt that Wade is the right person to lead the company and capitalize on its forward momentum in the years to come. I am grateful to David for his confidence and support though the years and for all my colleagues I have worked with over time – they are the best.” 

To ensure the presidential transition is as smooth as possible, Griffin Media’s leadership team has developed a detailed plan that promotes cultural continuity and workplace stability. Integral components of this strategy include Wade’s new position as president and Rob’s new advisory position as president emeritus; both these roles will keep the two leaders intricately connected and ensure a seamless transference of institutional knowledge to their respective successors. 

“We are incredibly thankful for Rob’s nearly 50 years of service to Griffin Media,” said Griffin. “While it is bittersweet to see him retire, we are glad that he will remain connected to the organization and continue to positively impact our company through his important new advisory position of president emeritus.” 

In anticipation of Wade Deaver’s promotion to president, Griffin Media plans to begin the search for a new vice president of sales immediately. 

“In the ever-changing media landscape, media companies must continuously evolve and adjust to remain active and relevant. Griffin Media is no exception,” said Griffin. “As we look to the future, we are confident that this transition in leadership will only further the already immense impact and influence of Griffin Media across the state and beyond.”