Houston Hunt

Vice President of Marketing

Oklahoma State University, Agricultural Communications & Marketing 

The juggler, the plate spinner, the solver… Houston thrives on creative chaos. Give him spare time and he’ll get in trouble but give him a seemingly unsolvable problem and he’s in heaven. As Vice President of Marketing at Griffin Media, Houston plays an important role in establishing Griffin Media as a creative, innovative and premier marketing hub.

With 25 years’ experience in the marketing industry and a self-proclaimed problem solver, Houston’s big picture thinking allows him to integrate unique tools and opportunities into every creative initiative, and his keen insight into people ensures Griffin Marketing reaches its target audience at every touchpoint throughout a campaign.

A firm believer in looking forward, never backwards and leading with humility, Houston doesn’t care about the awards or honors he’s received in the past. You can often hear him saying - “it’s all about what you do today,” and “in life, what really matters is how you impact others.”

A farm boy at heart, Houston can often be found outside in his spare time or subjecting his husband Taylor to a new idea. He might be hanging out with his pets (which include two dogs, two cats, two donkeys and seven Texas Longhorns), tending to the garden, hiking or inventing a new recipe. 

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